We mainly arrange unescorted independent package tours for individual travelers and small groups to the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Traveling is our passion too!

We provide you with independence in travel and make customized arrangements for a trip that is planned just for you. You are able to discover Scandinavia easily at your own pace and convenience.

We are a young company run by travel enthusiasts. The entire team including our network partners share the same passion for discovering and sharing more of our own experiences so you get the best. Our mission is to show you the best of Scandinavia at any time of the year.

Our unique experience in providing a complete package as per your specific needs and our network with the best service providers in the Tourism Industry of Scandinavia helps you save time, money and adds convenience.

When you buy a trip through ScandinavianPackages.com, the trips are entirely secured as per Swedish "travel package law" (paketreselagen) and "travel guarantee law" (resegarantilagen).

Scandinavian Packages AB has placed travel guarantee with Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency to protect our customers.

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